Completing the NRTC Installation Job Aid

Completing an NRTC Installation Job Aid

Release Date: August 2018


This Job Aid covers:

Setting ‘Level 5’

This Job Aid supports the NRTC Technician audience.

Setting ‘Level 5’

Following the installation, provisioning, email set-up and education of the Subscriber, the final step is bringing the install to a Level Five (5) in the AdminTool. This process may be performed at the Subscriber’s location or at the member’s office, by either the Technician or a Customer Service Representative (CSR).

Follow these steps to set Level 5 in the AdminTool

1.After logging into the AdminTool and locating the work order, click the WildBlue tab.

2.Click the Installation tab at the bottom of the page.

3.Complete the fields using information from the installation.

4.Answer the three questions

in the top right corner with Yes

  • Subscriber can surf
  • Subscriber can send/receive email
  • Turn up for completion

5.Click Save, and confirm that WildBlue Access changes to Level 5.