Tech Bulletin: EasyStart Contests


EasyStart Contests


NEW updates have been made to Viasat’s customer on-boarding program – EasyStart. Please remember, EasyStart is part of the installation and is required to be completed every time.

Watch the TechTalk video by clicking on the image below for an important message about the program, plus an announcement regarding the upcoming 30-day EasyStart Technician Incentive, starting on Monday, November 22nd. There will be 18 winners across the country and one of them could be you!

What is EasyStart?

EasyStart provides customers with a starting point for their new internet service. There are two tools you must use on every install and upgrade to help complete the EasyStart process and its tasks:

  1. Viasat Technician Checklist
  2. Customer Welcome Guide

There is no cost for EasyStart materials, and your retailer/manager should have both the Technician Checklist and Customer Welcome Guide in stock for you to use.

What changed?

The customer billing account number has changed and it’s now updated in the FSM work order so you can assist customers logging into their My Viasat account.

Be sure to go to Viasat Discover for the updated EasyStart training, or you can also refer to the eGuide for more information.

Important Tasks

When going through the Technician Checklist with the customer, remember to assist them with the following:

  1. Create an account at and assist the customer logging in and accessing their account.
  2. Install and login to the My Viasat mobile app on their Android or iOS device.

This increases the value of our services for our customer and comes with multiple benefits, including access to their account and information and tools for support – all without them needing to call customer care!

About the contests…

We will be holding multiple raffle drawings, for each of PerfectVision’s six geographic regions. And for each residential installation or upgrade completed from November 22nd to December 22nd, you will be eligible to earn 1-3 entries into the raffle:

  1. If the customer logs into for the first time at the time of the installation or upgrade, you will receive one entry into the raffle.
  2. If the customer logs into the My Viasat mobile app on their iOS or Android device for the first time at the time of the installation or upgrade, you will receive one entry.
  3. If the customer does BOTH of these tasks for the first time at the time of the installation or upgrade, you will receive a total of three entries.

See this PDF for full contest rules and details. Thank you for all that you do to help us support our customers and we wish you a happy holiday!