Tech Bulletin: Quality Audit Follow Up (QAFU) Work Orders

Quality Audit Follow Up (QAFU) Work Orders


Do you have questions about Quality Audit Follow Up (QAFU) Work Orders?  

QAFU Work Orders are created when a Quality Audit fails because it does not meet Viasat Installation Standards, which is potentially service impacting to the customer.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that all installations and service calls meet Viasat specifications. 

Each of these work orders has specific notes to help you identify the failure of the audit and the resolution to meet Viasat specifications.  The status of a QAFU Work Order should be placed in “Pending Complete” ONLY when ALL repairs have been made. 

Please keep in mind that these repairs provide all customers with optimal service and allow for more network bandwidth, allowing for more installations. 

If you have question about Viasat Installation Standards, please refer to the eGuide