Version:4.6-WB-SNAPSHOT -fsm21 (08/29/2022 10:02)


On 9/7/2022 at 10 PM MT, a new update for FSM will be released. Details below:

New Search Filter:

In the Browse Orders section of FSM, a new multi-select search filter has been added that allows all users to search for work orders based on the type of Equipment listed. This filter will show different versions of modems, TRIAs as well any other type of Equipment that may be found work orders.

Status Transition Rule Change:

In the past, if a work order had gone into a “Past Open” status, Dispatcher roles could not move the order to “On Site” or “En Route” without rescheduling the order. With this update, we will be allowing all Dispatchers to be able to move the order to these statuses without the need to reschedule.

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