Version:4.6-WB-SNAPSHOT -fsm22 (04/15/2022 08:37)

New to FSM:  New Hold & Customer Delay Status Reasons


Starting on April 20th,2022 Similar to selecting Pending Cancel status, when selecting Hold & Customer Delay Statuses this will prompt an additional Status Reasons dropdown. The Status Reasons dropdown will ask the user to pick a Status Reason from the selected list. This change will allow for a better understanding of work order actions and help improve existing processes.

The Following Reasons will populate when selecting Hold Status:

Awaiting Certificate of Insurance

Bad Weather

No Equipment

Outage / Activation Error


Vehicle Issues

The Following Reasons will populate when selecting Customer Delay Status:

Awaiting Landlord Approval

Construction / Electricity

Customer Not Home / Out of Town

Customer Uncertainty

DigSafe / Utility Locate


Resolving LOS Issue

Unable to Contact

History Tab – Status History

Under the Status history section, we will have a new column labeled “Status Reason”. This column will contain the history of Status Reasons selected for Pending Cancel, Hold, or Customer Delay Statuses.

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