Version:4.6-WB-SNAPSHOT -fsm22 (11/25/2022 08:59)


On 02/08/2023 at 10 PM MT, a new update for FSM will be released. Details below:

New Changes for Dispatchers:

From the Planning Calendar, “Set order types” button has been replaced with “Modify Order Types” button.

The Assign/Unassign order types pop up window has been modified to a side by side assignment window like below:

It is required that there is at least one Office assigned to a Service Region for an order type. If a user attempts to remove an order type in a service region where that office is the only one who can fulfill that order type, FSM will provide the error below:

The “Modify Orders types” button can be used to unassign all order types as long as there is another office covering all order types in that Service Region. If all order types are unassigned using the Modify order types button then the office will be removed from the Service Region.


An issue was identified where some reports were stuck in a “Pending Processing” status and not moved to Killed status after a set time. This has been corrected.

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