Viasat Flex

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What is it?

Viasat is partnering with Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) providers to create a hybrid service called Viasat Flex.

Viasat Flex combines these two technologies to provide a faster, higher performing internet experience, while making high latency a thing of the past.

Viasat Flex is a no-cost add-on service customers may order, in select areas.

How Does it Work?

Viasat customers who order Viasat Flex will have:

1) A Viasat Satellite Internet installation

2) A DSL Internet installation

3) An Ethernet cable connecting the VWG Modem and DSL modem

When these customers access the Internet, Viasat’s software switches between the two (DSL and satellite) to reduce latency and increase reliability.

FSM Work Orders: Install

On a new install work order, Viasat Flex will be added to the services upon completion section in FSM- where the other add-on services are located.

FSM Work Orders: Integration Service Call

If you see this service call (DSL integration) in the service type field you will need to make sure that the DSL modem and the Viasat VWG Modem are connected. Go through your normal service call procedures, but when the service call is completed, make sure the DSL modem and VWG Modem are connected.

The Installation Process


Once you know you have a Flex installation work order, you will need:

  • One 6 ft. Ethernet cable
  • The Flex installation leave-behind document
  • A network interface device tag

Flex: Customer Leave-behind Doc

The leave behind will help the customer and the DSL installer to install the new equipment.

DSL Modems

There are 2 main modems that will be installed with Viasat Flex, but is some rare cases, there may be others.

Netgear 7550
Pace 4111N

Installing Viasat Flex

For Viasat Flex installations:

1. Complete a regular Viasat satellite Internet installation. You will need to install the VWG Modem in a good location for Flex.

2. Then, put the leave-behind document near the VWG Modem

3. You’ll need to tag the network interface device outside the customer’s home, to alert DSL installers that they are completing a Flex installation

4. Finally, you will need to educate the customer about next steps

Step 1: Complete a standard Viasat satellite Internet installation

The satellite VWG Modem and DSL modems must be installed within 5 feet of each other, so that they can be connected by a supplied 6 foot phone cable.

It is important to install the VWG Modem

  • in the vicinity of a phone jack
  • in an area where there is space to co-locate the DSL modem

Use an Ethernet cable to connect the VWG Modem to the customer’s computer

At the end of the installation, plug one end of the additional Ethernet cable into the VWG Modem.

This second Ethernet cord will later be attached to the DSL modem, once it is installed. The other end of the Ethernet cable will remain open until it is plugged into the DSL modem. Make sure the open end of the cable is in a safe area and not obstructing anything

Step 2: Put the leave-behind document near the VWG Modem

This will help DSL installers, who are set to arrive after the Viasat install, to complete their portion of the installation.

Step 3: Go outside to locate the network interface device, or “NID.”

The NID is the main hub where telephone lines reach the house from a nearby terminal. This hub contains all the wiring needed to make the phones work inside the customer’s house. The NID can usually be found near the electrical service panel, electricity meter, and the ground source on a home.


Once you find the NID, do not open it.

Attach the tag to the NID. It is extremely important to tag the NID because this is the first place DSL installers will go to complete their installation.

The NID tag will alert DSL installers that they are completing a Flex installation, and will instruct them to go inside the customer’s home to co-locate the DSL modem.

NID tag

Step 4: Educate the customer about next steps. Inform them that:

  • An installer will come to install the DSL modem
  • You left a document near the VWG Modem, providing information the DSL installer will need to complete the DSL installation
  • An email will be sent to customers after the Viasat installation is complete, with some additional information and self-help steps

If DSL is First

If the DSL is installed first:

  • Complete your Viasat install, co-locating the VWG Modem within 5 feet of the DSL modem
  • Then, connect the VWG Modem’s Ethernet Port 2 to the DSL modem’s Ethernet Port 1
  • If you cannot co-locate the DSL modem and the VWG Modem, then Flex cannot be installed for the customer, you will need to call Installer Relations and cancel the order.
  • Detailed instructions on how to complete these steps appear in the customer leave-behind document.

Viasat Wi-Fi

Remember – Flex customers are Viasat Customers

If customers connect using DSL Wi-Fi, you will need to assist them with disconnecting DSL Wi-Fi and returning to Viasat Wi-Fi

For instance, if customers perform a factory reset on their DSL modem, the DSL Wi-Fi may turn on and connect

To test a customer’s internet speed, please use versus ANY other speed test site. If using other sites, the download speed will inaccurately show the slower DSL speed.