Viasat Tech Tools (VTT) App [EMEA]

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This Job Aid covers:

Login and Registration

Job Details

Satellite Finder

Map & Coordinates

Pointing & Peaking


Pointing & Peaking (Modem Status)

QOI and Service Activation

Account Settings

This Job Aid supports the technician audience.

Login and Registration

The Viasat Tech Tools app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices by clicking the appropriate link below. APP LINKS ARE NOT YET ACTIVE!


Registration and Setup

Step 1

Open the Tech App and select Start

Step 2

Allow access to the Camera, Location, and Notifications. The app will not work unless all access is granted.







Step 3

Setup the Authentication Pin: Enter a 4-digit pin and reenter it when prompted to confirm.


On iOS devices, you may enable Face ID.


Step 4

You will now be prompted to choose your region.

You will be prompted that “‘Tech Tools’ Wants to Use ‘’ to Sign In.” Select Continue. You’ll see a blank load screen, and when loaded you will register securely with your credentials via Okta by selecting Sign up in the bottom right corner.


Populate the fields with your information and press Sign Up.

Next, you’ll be prompted to set up security methods. Start first by pushing Set Up Email.

When you’ve received the code in your email, enter the code in the field and select Verify.

Then, push Set up Password and enter a password that meets all requirements and re-enter it. Select Next.


You may also optionally set up verification with your Phone, otherwise, you may click Set up later.

You will be then signed into Tech Tools.

Logging in via Okta following registration uses a similar process.

You will be prompted that “‘Tech Tools’ Wants to Use ‘’ to Sign In.” Select Continue. You’ll see a blank load screen, and when loaded you may sign in securely with your credentials via Okta by entering your username and password and pressing Sign In. You will be then signed into Tech Tools.


Should you run into any issues signing in, you can select “Forgot password?” to reset your password via an email link. If this still is not successful, you’ll be asked to contact support for further assistance.



Open the app and enter the pin used to setup the account.


Should the pin not match, a prompt will have you try again. Too many failed attempts will require a reset of the pin code.



When you have logged in the Dashboard will display.

Job Details

From the Dashboard enter the Service Activation code for the work order. Select Search.

The Job Details page opens, Note, you will have to scroll down the screen to see all the options.

Job details will not be available on the app in its initial release. There may be instances when a service activation code is not available to retrieve a job, so the quick functions have been extracted for viewing on the dashboard.

Satellite Finder

Select Satellite Finder from the Dashboard. Select the correct satellite and use the mobile camera to locate the satellite.

Note: KA-SAT and EUTELSAT are one and the same.


Map & Coordinates

Select Map & Coordinates from the Dashboard. Select the appropriate satellite.

Your current location will show on the map along with an arrow showing the direction of the satellite.


Select the Locate Me icon or the Edit Pen next to Custom Location to enter your location by address or by Latitude and Longitude.



Pointing & Peaking

Select Pointing & Peaking from the Dashboard.

Enter Install Key, then select the appropriate satellite to connect to.


Press Continue and the system is ready for the Pointing & Peaking process to begin. The ODU link check should turn green.

The process then moves into Coarse Pointing and the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) should rise.


You will receive an alert to Try Again if a connection is lost. The screen will refresh and load for a moment and you may begin the Coarse Pointing process again.


Once successfully Coarse Pointed, the system will move into the Fine Peaking stage. Throughout the sweeps, the SNR strength should rise.


Press Finish Installation.


Once Finish Installation is pushed, a reporting pop-up will show the status report. Select Send report to send the information to After sending, press Done (you will be prompted with a reminder that the report cannot be sent again after closing this screen).


Historical reports may be viewed by clicking the Reporting tab. Clicking Filters will allow you to view various report configurations and the box to the right of the order will indicate if it is an Install or Service order.



Pointing & Peaking (Modem Status)

When you’ve finished sending your report, the Modem Status will proceed through its processes.




After the Modem Status changes to Online for the first time, it then will reboot itself to update its necessary updates to function. Following the reboot process, it should come back Online and all indicator icons should be green.


QOI and Service Activation

Select Service Activation from the Dashboard. Enter the Service Activation Code and select Install. The system will begin QOI.


A green checkmark will appear next to QOI when the system passes the check. The system will automatically continue to Service Activation. A green checkmark will appear next to Service Activation once the activation is complete. Select Finish to exit.



Possible errors that you may receive are QOI Failed and Activation Failed. Troubleshoot each error accordingly and rerun Service Activation.


Account Settings

To open Account Settings select the person icon in the top right of the Dashboard.


Select Legal to view the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.



Select Feedback to submit comments to the support team.