Caption This Contest Winner: “There’s Something Shady Here” by Jimmy Smith!

We had a lot of great entries in our VTL LOS caption this contest, but here is our favorite, by Jimmy Smith from Missouri:

There’s Something Shady Here!

Here are some more great entries:

“Dear satellite in the sky, my heartbeat grows fonder when I see you. Lonely modem and TRIA”
“Threading the needle is for the seamstress.”
“A good site survey and ODU placement will always prevent LOS return service calls…”
“When I failed the DMV vision test they said I probably won’t be able to work anymore either.. My boss says he can’t tell any difference”
“Threading the needle” will come back and bite you in the butt!”
“We have two options, move the dish or move the trees”
“Hey!! Can I use your internet, I don’t have no signal.”
“Customer requests tech bring a chainsaw.”
‘If eSVT had a voice, it would be laughing.”
“It worked the day I installed it!”
“If trees are the enemy, you’re gonna lose the war!”
“Last Tech: “no line of sight”. You “hold my compass”
“Have you used your inclinometer lately?”
“Where the wind blows the cx will blow a top”

Thanks to everyone who participated, if you want a quick refresher on line of sight, watch here: