No Connection Troubleshooting



This Job Aid covers:

Check Internet Connection

Check Modem GUI

Point and Peak

Contact Tier 1 or IR for Support

This Job Aid supports the Technician audience. This troubleshooting procedure may be used on any Viasat Internet equipment/service plan.

Online Troubleshooting

Use when the is modem is online but the customer is unable to connect to the internet

Check Internet Connection

  1. Connect your laptop to the modem/gateway using an ethernet cable.
  2. If hardwired laptop connects, unplug Ethernet cable and attempt to connect to the customer’s Wi-Fi. (If customer does not have Wi-Fi, proceed to next step.)
  3. If Wi-Fi is not connected, then proceed to next step
  4. Reboot the modem and your laptop

Check Modem GUI

1.If unable to get to GUI, Check and replace Ethernet cable

2.Check the following GUI indicators:

Cable resistance

If resistance is not within the appropriate threshold verify cable length and type

SNR: If values are low, re-point and peak

3.Check Modem status

Verify online status (green indicators)

Point and Peak

If the modem GUI does not resolve the issue, you will need to re-point and peak.

1. Power up modem

2. After modem reboot, proceed to point and peak.

Contact Tier 1 or IR for Support

If you are still not able to connect, try the following.

  1. If none of the above steps work, contact IR or Tier One support