Viasat Business Certification Process



This Job Aid covers:


About the Viasat Business Online Course

This Job Aid supports the Business Certified technician audience.


Viasat Business installations require someone with additional skills training. In order to receive Viasat Business orders, you must:

  • Complete the residential Technician Training course track
  • Receive a permanent Installer ID
  • Complete the Viasat Business Technician Training course track and receive a score of 80% or higher on the final assessment
  • Be active in FSM
  • Fulfillment partners must: Achieve Tech Tier 2 status or higher

Technicians will have their Viasat Business Skill added to their FSM profile once the course is passed.

About the Viasat Business Online Course

The Viasat Business online course covers all the requirements a technician must be aware of, to comply with all Viasat, NEC, state or local codes. Below are some of the items covered throughout the course:

Site Survey

The technician must conduct an end-to-end site survey with the customer and ask the point of contact (such as: a customer or landlord) for any permits necessary to perform the installation. The site survey must be signed by both the point of contact and technician. The point of contact will receive a copy and the technician must upload it into the FSM work order as an attachment.


Follow the current mounting options with more caution on commercial buildings. Non-pen mounts are recommended, if the building permits.


Always discuss the point of entry with the point of contact before running any cable. Viasat cabling standards apply and, in some cases, using plenum cable will be necessary, depending on the building type.

  • Always use existing cable conduits if available, rather than making any new entry points into the building. Consult with the point of contact before making any decisions.
  • Viasat grounding options apply to Viasat Business installations. In some cases, a grounding bus bar can be used (usually located in a Utility/IT room).

Reminder! The ground block cannot exceed 20 ft. from ground source.


Use your laptop for pointing and peaking and provisioning the account.

  • Release your laptop using the command ipconfig/release before attaching the customer’s equipment

Persistent IP

Watch Now: What is an IP Address?

Viasat Business installations utilize Persistent IPs.

  • Persistent IPs are not Static IPs
  • For assistance, customers need to call the Customer Business Care number: 1-855-313-4111