About Installer IDs



The following information details Viasat policies related to the Viasat Certified Technician Identification number. This number is commonly known as the Installer ID.

Certification Process

IDs are issued in two stages.

  1. After completing the assigned online courses and passing the final Certification Assessment test, the ID is activated for 30 days. The ID number and its expiry date are available in Viasat Discover.
  2. To receive a permanent tech ID, you will have 30 days to complete a minimum of 5 work orders that includes at least 3 installations. 100% of these installs will be reviewed by our auditing team, and if 75% or better of these installs pass the audit , you will be granted a permanent tech ID.

Maintaining an Installer ID

  • Each Installer ID number is unique to each technician
  • There is one Installer ID for all installation types: Residential, Commercial, etc. Viasat Discover will note the types of installations a technician is qualified to install/service.
  • Technicians support all installations and service work performed with their ID numbers
  • Technicians maintain their ID by meeting the performance targets set by the Field Operations group. This may include courses at Viasat Discover, a minimum number of installations during a specific review period, maintaining designated quality and customer survey (CSAT) scores, etc. The performance targets may change at the discretion of the Field Operations group
  • It is the technician’s responsibility to provide Viasat with a valid email address in order to receive ongoing technical bulletins. This email is stored in their Viasat Central account

Behaviors that may result in Decertification

  • Unprofessional behavior at an installation location, as deemed by Viasat Field Ops, fulfillment partners, or employers
  • Sharing IDs with anyone
    • Exception: Providing the ID to an employer for the express and only purpose of requesting access to FSM. If dealer assigns the ID, or shares the ID with anyone, the ID owner is still subject to decertification review
  • Failure to maintain the performance standards required by Viasat Field Operations
  • Failure to comply with work order requirements, such as submitting photos of the installation
  • Failure to maintain a working email address in their Viasat Central account. This email address is a condition of certification
  • Viasat Discover accounts display a message “Certification status has been terminated” after a technician has been decertified. Decertification is final and there are no appeals.

Working for Multiple Employers

  • A technician may choose to support one or more Viasat partners. They may work for multiple employers, as long as they are certified appropriately