Service Lease Recovery Service Call Job Aid



This Job Aid covers:

Customer Lease Termination Recovery Options

Lease Recovery Service Call

This Job Aid supports the Fulfillment and Retailer Technician audiences.

Customer Lease Termination Recovery Options

When the customer terminates the lease, the Viasat customer is responsible for returning the satellite modem, power supply, power cord, and TRIA to Viasat.

UPS ships a return equipment box to the customer within 48 hours from the time the disconnect order was placed.

In the box, the customer receives instructions on how to remove the satellite modem and TRIA, along with packing instructions. If the TRIA is not within easy reach, the customer has the following options for the TRIA removal:

  1. Customer, or someone the customer knows, removes the TRIA
  2. Customer contacts the local Viasat retailer to remove the TRIA. The cost to remove the TRIA is determined by the retailer
  3. Customer contacts Viasat to issue a lease recovery service call. Viasat charges the customer for this service call

Lease Recovery Service Call

Service Call Activities:

  • Technicians will:
    • Remove the TRIA from the ODU
    • Hand the TRIA to the customer
    • Complete the required Service Call Order Completion activities
  • Technicians will not:
    • Pack the TRIA and/or satellite modem
    • Ship the TRIA and/or satellite modem
    • Remove ODU, cabling, and other installed equipment

Important: Customers are responsible for packing and shipping Viasat leased equipment.