Configure Email Client Job Aid



This Job Aid covers:

Setting up Email Outlook 2007 Example

This Job Aid supports the NRTC Technician audience.

Note: ViaSat Retail and Fulfillment Technicians are not expected to configure email clients; however, this job aid may assist a customer who requests help doing so.

Setting up Email

There are several different Email clients on the market these days. The appearance and process for each may vary; however, the steps to follow in setting up a Subscriber’s email account are generally the same.

To set up email, the Install must complete the following steps:

  1. Assign the incoming email server (POP3)
  2. Assign the outgoing e-mail server (SMTP)
  3. Assign the subscriber information

All of this information is included in the work order sent to the Technician via Email or in the WildBlue sub-tab in the AdminTool.

Outlook 2007 Example

Follow these steps to configure Outlook 2007 as the Subscriber’s email client.


  1. From the Windows Start button, click All Programs, and then Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.
  2. 2. Click Next.
  3. 3.Select Yes, and then click Next.


4. In the Your Name field, type the Subscriber’s Name

  1. In the Email Address field, type the Email Address shown on the work order.
  2. In the Password fields, ask the Subscriber to type their password twice. This password is the Subscriber’s password given to the sales agent when the service was ordered.
  3. Check Manually Configure Server Settings
  4. Click Next.

5. Select Internet E-mail, and then click Next.


6.In the User Information fields, type the Subscriber’s name and the Email address from the work order.

  1. In the Server Information fields,
  2. Select Account Type POP3
  3. From the work order, type the Incoming Server Address and Outgoing Server Address
  4. In the Logon Information fields, type the Email address from the work order, and the Subscriber’s password given to the sales agent when the service was ordered.
  5. Select Remember Password.
  6. Click More Settings.


7. Select My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication

  1. Select Use Same Settings as my Incoming Mail Server
  2. Click OK

8. Click Finish


9.Send a test email to their email address.