1.2M ODU Assembly Job Aid



This Job Aid covers:

Mount Installation

Attach the Reflector

TRIA Support Assembly

TRIA Installation

This Job Aid supports all Installer audiences.


1.2 Meter ODU Assembly (English)

Conjunto de ODU (unidad externa) de 1.2 metros (Español)

Conjunto do ODU de 1,2 metro (Portugués)

Mount Installation

Install the AZ/EL Mount Assembly onto the mast pipe. It may be necessary to loosen the three bolts on the canister to allow the assembly to slide over the mast pipe.

Preset the Elevation

All four elevation lock down bolts need to be loosened and their four associated lock washers disengaged prior to beginning the adjustment of the elevation process.

Do not lockdown the elevation bolts until finished with adjusting the elevation.

Attach the Reflector

Pass four carriage bolts through the reflector.

Attach a flange nut.

Tighten the carriage bolts.

TRIA Support Assembly

Attach the Reflector Adapter Casting

Attach the Reflector adapter casting to the reflector using a Carriage bolt and Serrated Flange Hex Nut.

Tighten this hardware at this time.

Attach the TRIA Interface Casting

Attach the TRIA Interface casting to the Feed support.

Use Carriage bolts, and Serrated Flange Hex Nuts.

Tighten this hardware at this time.

Side Rod Installation

Loosely attach a Side Rod to each side of the reflector using a Bolt, and Serrated Flange Hex Nut for each rod.

Hand tighten this hardware only at this time.

NOTE: The long end of the side rods attach to the reflector and the short end attaches to the TRIA Interface Casting.

Feed Support Installation

Attach the Side Rods to the TRIA Interface casting using bolts and Serrated Flange Hex nuts. Hand tighten this hardware only at this time.

Attach the Feed support tube to the Reflector adapter casting using carriage bolts and Serrated Flange Hex nuts.

Tighten this hardware at this time.

TRIA Installation

The following information provides the steps used to build the Antenna Back Bracket Assembly.

TRIA Installation

Set the TRIA on the TRIA Interface casting. Install four bolts to attach the TRIA to the feed support assembly. Tighten all four screws at this time.

The antenna is now ready for cabling and modem installation.