Using the NRTC Admin Tool Job Aid



This Job Aid covers:

Domain Names and the Admin Tool AdminTool Navigation

AdminTool Search Filters Viewing Subscriber Accounts

This Job Aid supports the NRTC Technician audience.

Domain Names and the Admin Tool

All necessary information to complete an install is located in the AdminTool. The AdminTool provides subscriber information, point and peak coordinates for the Viasat Internet installation, and information to set up the Subscriber’s email.

Each NRTC member has a domain name that they use to provide the ViaSat services. This domain name is used for

  • Accessing the AdminTool used by that NRTC member
  • Creating Email user accounts for that NRTC member
  • Providing web-based email for that NRTC member
  • Accessing the Subscriber Portal

For example, a member with the domain

Technicians access the AdminTool using their member’s URL, for example, The Technician’s username and password are assigned by their member; for example, and password 5wildblue.

AdminTool Navigation

After successfully logging in to the AdminTool, the Technician has access to resources and information. The three main tabs available to the Technician are Home, Subscriber and Help.

  • Home – information and announcements
  • Subscribers – work order and subscriber information
  • Help – assistance with the Admintool

AdminTool Search Filters

The Technician may view individual work orders, or all of the work orders assigned to them. To view individual work orders, use the Quick Search field with one of the designated criteria. To view multiple work orders, use one of the Preset Filters

  • Pending Accounts – shows all of the open work orders assigned to the Technician
  • Turned Up Accounts – shows all of the completed, fully provisioned accounts done by the Technician

Viewing Subscriber Accounts 

Tip! To export the search results, click the mechanical wheel in the upper left corner of the search filter section. The export goes to an Excel spreadsheet.

After a Technician locates the desired Subscriber Account, click the User Name field in the search results list.