Tech Bulletin: New eSVT URL for US Residential


New eSVT URL for US Residential


As we continue our back office updates for US Residential customers, we have also launched a new version of eSVT to support these changes. The URL has been updated to You will need to use your SSO login to access the site.

As a reminder, eSVT is a remote diagnostic site used for checking a customer’s signal quality, data usage, as well as their account status.

  1. When searching for a US Residential customer in eSVT, select US for the Country drop-down.
  2. Select the appropriate Search Type from the drop-down.
    1. When searching by MAC, this can be in upper or lower case and the colons (:) are optional.
    1. When searching by Phone Number, you must enter the number 1 for the US country code before the rest of the phone number.
  3. Click the Search icon.

More information about the changes on the new site can be found on the eGuide:

The eSVT site for Commercial customers has not been migrated at this time and can still be found via the previous link: