Tech Bulletin: SurfBeam 2+ modem configuration for Business Internet installations


SurfBeam 2+ modem configuration for Business Internet installations


Upon account activation, Viasat’s SurfBeam 2+ modems are configured differently based on whether the installation is for Business or Residential Internet accounts.

Unlike Residential installations, when the SurfBeam 2+ modem is used for Business installations, it will be automatically configured with Bridge Mode enabled. This bypasses the modem’s Wi-Fi router functionality. This configuration is completed automatically during the provisioning process and must remain enabled for the Viasat Business customer’s service to function properly.

Please do not manually disable the Bridge Mode settings for Business Internet installations. If the Business Customer would like Wi-Fi capability, suggest they contact Sales to find out more about Viasat’s Business Hotspots product, or they can purchase a wireless router.

If you need to provision the SurfBeam 2+ modem via Wi-Fi for a Business Internet installation, please note that after the modem is provisioned, Bridge Mode will be enabled and Wi-Fi capability will be disabled. Please do not make any changes to the modem configuration.

Should you have any questions when provisioning the modem for Business Internet, please contact IR support at 888-278-6869.