Tech Bulletin: Viasat Discover launching on 2/27


New information on Viasat Discover!

Viasat Discover will open on 2/27/2020

Hello, !

On Thursday, 2/27/2020, your new learning platform, Viasat Discover will be launching!

Important NEW information!

Beginning on 2/27, the following tools will be available for use.

Your new learning platform – Viasat Discover:

Viasat Discover is where you’ll go to find the latest and greatest training.  You’ll also find your Installer ID in your profile. Make sure to bookmark this new URL!

Your username is your email address.  The default password is changeme

Your new training email box:

Same great service and answers to your questions, just a different email address.

Your new eGuide:

Your new and improved eGuide is here!  Find job aids, video and Tech Talks with Viasat Field experts. Make sure to bookmark this new URL!