Viasat Discover Help


Look below for solutions to our most frequent questions.

If you do not find help here, please send an email to Viasat Discover Administrator.

Pop-up Blockers

Getting your pop-up blocker configured for Viasat Discover is critical. Incorrect configurations can cause problems with your scores recording correctly, as well as impeding the course players.

Simply disabling the pop-up blocker while working in Viasat Discover oftentimes is not enough. The pop-up blocker must specifically permit (allow) Each browser does this in a slightly different manner.

Click the specific browser help document below for some hints.

How do I reset my password in Viasat Discover?

Go to
Click the Forgot your password? link
Enter in your username (usually the email on the account)
The hit/reset will come to that address

Where do I find my Installer ID?

Your Installer ID will be located on your Home page under My Profile.

I need help viewing my course content…spinning, freezing, not running, etc.

Here’s what we have found works best:
1. Use the most current version of the Chrome browser.
2. Configure your browser as described in the Pop-up Blocker section.
3. Clear the browser’s cache/cookies/history.
4. Use the Start Learning Now button on the course tile to begin again.

I need to change my email and update my username. How do I do this?

Please reach out to with your First/Last Name, your current email address, and the new email address. We will get back to you within two business days.

Where do I find my courses?

Your courses will be located under the Start Here! section of your dashboard in Viasat Discover. Courses you’ve begun work on will be located under the Courses You’re Working On section of your dashboard.

I’ve completed courses and I’d like them to reset. What do I do?

All you need to do is look at your dashboard under the Courses You’ve Completed section. Simply click on the course tile and click Start Learning Now to restart your course.