Commercial Flat Roof Installation Job Aid



This Job Aid covers:


Commercial Flat Roof Installation

Commercial Cable Point of Entry

This Job Aid supports the Viasat Commercial Certified Technician audience.

Commercial Flat Roof Installation

When installing on a flat roof of a commercial building, follow all OSHA standard safety requirements.

The non-penetrating mount is approved only for flat roofs. Do not use non-penetrating mounts on metal roofs. If the roof is pitched, use a pole or wall mount.
Survey the area and determine if an existing cable raceway/conduit can be used or if the cable must be run outside the building using an exterior wall as the entry point. The customer is required to provide you with any permits, certificate of insurance (COI) requirements, and/or landlord permission needed, to conduct the installation.

Technicians must provide the following materials:

  • The non-pen mount – must be listed on the Approved Materials Job Aid
  • A minimum of eight 28-pound cinder blocks. Use more ballast in windy areas.
  • A protective mat to place under the mount
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Commercial Cable Point of Entry

Use Viasat approved coax cable and locate the approved point of entry. Technicians are required to use existing cable conduits, cable enclosures, or any other approved locations, to get the cable into the building.

In some cases, with the owner’s written permission, you may need to run the cable down the outside of the building wall and make a penetration. This MUST be discussed with the property manager and approval must be obtained, before running the cable.

Important! NEVER drill into the roof membrane of a building. This creates costly, irreparable damage and will result in technician decertification.

Note: Below are examples of other options to look for when running the cable into the building without drilling.

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Witches Hat

Enclosed conduit panel

Roof Flashing