Completing a Service Call in FSM



This Job Aid covers:

Service Call Completion Process

Changing the Work Order Status

Completing the Resolution screens

Viewing Previous Service Call Resolutions

This Job Aid supports the Technician, FPA/FST, and QC audience. Technicians, FPA/FST and QCs may have the option to complete a service call in FSM under their own user login. Dispatchers or Dealers complete this procedure when the field staff is unable to do so themselves.

This document describes this process and procedure using the FSM web site.

Important! FSM is the application-of-record for all payments and commissions. Service calls must be completed in FSM, before leaving the customer’s site; else payment will not be processed.

Service Call Completion Process

Service Call work order completion is a four-step process:

  1. After completing the repair, the user opens FSM to close the work order.
  2. After locating the work order, the user changes the status of the work order from On site to Pending Complete in FSM. This triggers several events in the ViaSat back office systems.
  3. The user validates the SVT values in the work order are all green.
    1. If values are green, the user selects the appropriate Resolution Codes, based on repair while onsite.
    2. If values are red, the user continues to work on the repair. The user may use SVT in the Support Portal to recheck the values before attempting to close the work order.
  4. If the Resolution Code involves either replaced equipment, or Leased Equipment Recovery, additional dialogs appear that the user completes.

Changing the Work Order Status

Follow these steps to change the work order status and kick off the completion process.

Locate the work order in FSM.

Scroll to the middle of the work order page to the Notes section. Click Add Note. A new note opens. Type a note describing the change in the work order status. Finally, click Save Note.

In the Basic Data tab of the work order, select Pending complete from the Status list.

Click Change Status.

Completing the Resolution screens

After clicking Change Status (see above), the work order displays the SVT tab.

In the After Resolution section, confirm that all SVT service levels (icons) report a green value.

  • If yes, go to Step 3.
  • If no, continue repair. Return to the Details tab, and change the work order status to re-check the service levels. When all retested icons report a green value, continue to Step 3.

Select Resolution Codes based on actual repair actions. Select as many as appropriate. See image above

If selecting Replace TRIA, the TRIA SN field becomes active. Type or scan the serial number for the new TRIA into this field. Use the number as shown on the TRIA label.

See image above.

If the TRIA SN field is left empty, this error message appears:

If selecting Replace Modem, the Modem MAC and Modem SN fields become active. Type the serial number for the new Modem into these fields.


See image above.

If the Modem SN or Modem MAC fields are left empty, this error message appears:

If selecting Equipment Recovery, confirm that the equipment was left with the customer, and click the confirmation box.

Type a note into the Notes section. This can be the same note as added at the beginning of the procedure.

Click Save.

Viewing Previous Service Call Resolutions

Follow these steps to review the resolutions for closed service calls.

Locate and view the work order.

Click the SVT tab, and find the Resolution codes list under the SVT icons.