Non-Standard Installation Best Practices Job Aid



This Job Aid covers:


This Job Aid supports the ViaSat Fulfillment and Dealer technician audience.

The following information details Viasat, Inc.’s Non-Standard Installation Best Practice Pricing. Please verify that any additional pricing presented to the customer meets the requirements as a non-standard installation cost. There are two types of pricing; Allowed and Recommended. The Allowed Pricing should always be used for Fulfillment orders and is highly recommended for Dealer orders. The Recommended Pricing can be adjusted to match the installation activities.


Non-Standard Installation Pricing

Installation TypeMaterials/Labor Included in this Price
ConditionsAllowed Pricing
Pole MountApproved Viasat pole
Up to 20’ of trenching (6” depth) and up to 20’ of conduit
if using non-flooded cable or enough conduit for two sweeps
if using flooded cable.
Minimum 120 lbs. or 3 bags of quick-set cement.
Hole depth minimum is 36” with pole rising 4 feet above
the ground. For locations requiring a depth
of more than 36” to reach below the frost line, please see
Special Soil Conditions below.
Normal SoilUp to $75.00
Pole AdapterViasat Approved Pole Adapter
(not to be used on a hex pole)
2-3/8” OD$25.00
TrenchingTrenching and conduit, if using non-flooded cable,
when the distance between the Pole
and the building exceeds 20’.
Special Soil ConditionsRental tools for digging/trenching in rock or concrete,
over 36” in depth for frost line, or for managing
permafrost installations.
Pole Mounts and/or
Trenching, special
permafrost conditions
Time and Materials rate:
not to exceed $65.00/hour
Additional Viasat-Approved Non-Standard Installation MountsAll mounts excluding stub/universalUp to $75.00
$75/including ballast if non-pen
Wall Fishes
Attic Crawls
Crawl Space Entry
For Inside Wall Fishing, Attic Entry and/or Crawl Space
Entry where point of entry is not possible through
an outside wall or elected by customer.
1/2 hour Time and Materials rate:
not to exceed $65.00/hour
Permitting and LicensingZone license and permits for special districts (i.e. historical) Time and Materials rate:
not to exceed $65/hour
Installation requiring a 25’ or greater ladderInstallation over 21’ off the ground – additional OSHA
safety standards for may apply
1 hour Time and Materials rate:
not to exceed $65/hour
ConduitSchedule 40 conduit Materials costs plus 15%
Viasat Approved COAX CableRG11 when used in cable runs over 150’Distributor cost plus 15%

Note: All installations must meet national, state, and local building and electrical codes. Any national, state, and local building or electrical codes supersede ViaSat directions and exceptions.