Tech Bulletin: ARIA Installation Best Practices


ARIA Installation Best Practices


ARIA routers are now in the field for our VS1 High Speed plans. The power cord for this has the same end connector as the SB2+ modem. It is important to use the correct power cord for each device, from their respective boxes. Failure to use the correct power cord can permanently damage the ARIA router and make it unusable. After installation, please educate the customer on power safety concerns.

See images below for correct power cord installation.

Correct / Incorrect power cord installation

SB2+ Modem power cableARIA Router power cable
Sticker on cable near end that plugs into the modemNo sticker on cable
Power block in the middleNow power block in the middle, block on end that plugs into the wall
Round cableFlat cable, obvious line between the two wires within the cable