Tech Bulletin: Introducing Viasat Shield


Introducing Viasat Shield

Available April 7, 2020

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Viasat Shield is a Viasat built smart phone app for US Residential customers that protects the customer’s home internet and Wi-Fi network, defending against common online security threats like data breaches, phishing and more.

The Viasat Shield app can be downloaded to any iOS or Android phone free of charge. Once installed, the customer can login to the app using their ‘your account’/MyViasat login.

Viasat Shield is available for ViaSat-1 and ViaSat-2 services and offers the following:

  • View Connected Devices: Helps identify unauthorized access to their internet.
  • View Usage per Device: Helps identify what devices are using the most data.
  • Network Protection: Notifies the customer of attacks on their network.

Viasat Shield Premium is currently available for ViaSat-2 services only for $5.99/month and offers the following:

  • Device Access Control: Ability to pause or block devices from the network.
  • Device Protection: Notifies the customer if devices are behaving suspiciously and how to resolve.
  • Browsing Protection: Notifies the user if they are accessing a dangerous site.
  • Antivirus Premium BundleComing soon

More information on the Viasat Shield App can be found on the eGuide: