Tech Bulletin: New Commercial Business Training Reminder


New Commercial Business Training Reminder

As Phase 1 of our Commercial business migration is approaching we wanted to remind all commercially certified technicians to complete the required up-training that is available in Viasat Discover. In order to continue to work on Commercial orders, technicians will need to complete the 20-25 minute self-paced training.

This is leading to a Single ID for each tech for every work order. By mid- November Viasat Discover will no longer show your Residential ID and Commercial ID, this will be changing to show one Single ID. Make sure to write down your current Commercial ID before November 15th in preparation for this change.

As a reminder, keep an eye out for future updates on the launch of this migration! Self-Installing retailers should have received separate communications about new SMB sales training to learn about the service plans, add-ons, order entry in the Global Partner Portal, and more.