Tech Bulletin: Technician Start Address in FSM


Technician Start Address


Starting on December 7, FSM will begin asking for your Start Address. This Start Address is the location where you normally begin your workday to help us get a better idea of the number of miles you drive. FSM will only ask for this information once upon logging in, it will be stored in the user profile, and you will not be asked to enter this info again.

Here is what to expect:

Upon logging into FSM, you will be presented with the following menu on PC:

On the Mobile Apps:

FSM Lite:

From here, enter in the location of where you typically start your workday. Please be sure to select the right country that applies to you and that the zip code and state entered are correct.

After checking your information, select Save. And that is it! This information will be stored in your user profile and you can edit this information at any time by going to the new Users sub menu option:

This new menu will also allow you to edit a few basic pieces of contact information, such as your e-mail address and phone number.