Mobile FSM Order Statuses Job Aid



This Job Aid covers:

Order Statuses

Order Status Procedure

This Job Aid supports the technician, FPA/FST audience using the Mobile FSM Application.

Order Statuses

Every order will change status several times during its “life-cycle”. It is important that users know, and use, the various statuses correctly.

StatusDefinitionExamples of when to use
This status applies automatically when the order is ready to be completed.
This means that an User and an appointment are assigned on the order.
This is auto assigned, and not available in the Status drop down list.
When the scheduled date arrives, the User sets this status to confirm that they will have the order on their route that day.
Do not set this status prior to the scheduled date.
A user will use their normal communication plans to confirm with the office that he/she has received the daily route and will be completing it that day.
If a user were to decline a particular order on the daily route, then the User would not mark the order as "Acknowledged".
En route
The User is on their way to the Customer's location.This is helpful for tracking the orders that may have a long travel time, in case a Customer were to call and wonder about the exact timing of the Users arrival.
On site
The User is at the Customer's location.The user must status the work order either by using the mobile application, web application or calling the dispatchers as soon as the user arrives at the customer’s home.
Pending Complete
Use this status when waiting for other Viasat systems to complete a service call order. Users use this status for installation orders but the orders automatically complete when provisioning is complete.
Although present on the mobile device, the order will automatically go to complete status.
An order has been completed in all Viasat systems.This is auto assigned, and not available in the Status drop down list. This status will show after the system receives all necessary information to close out the work order.
The order is active; however, some event must occur before the User can complete the order.
This status places the order on the sidelines, temporarily, while waiting for the events to occur.
The User might act as an intermediary between the Customer and Dispatcher to set the reschedule appointment.
• Customer is not home when the User arrives, and is not available to reschedule.
• The location unexpectedly requires a pole mount, and the User used all of his pole mount supplies on the previous work order.
• User finds a line-of-sight issue because of a tree, and the Customer agrees to remove the branches so that the user can use a wall/roof mount, instead of a pole.
• User finds an ungrounded/bonded building and must wait for the Customer to fix this.
Pending Cancel
The User will never use this status.
They must call their dispatcher and they will use this status when waiting for other Viasat systems to cancel the order.
This status also requires a reason code.
Dispatchers use this status when they receive verbal instructions that the order will be cancelled. The final status comes from the Viasat billing system after the Customer cancels the order.
Past Open
Applied to an order that remains in the Assigned/Acknowledged/En Route status, and is past the Scheduled Date.
This is applied during the nightly optimization, after the Scheduled Date.
An escalation is also automatically generated.
This is auto assigned, and not available in the Status drop down list.

Order Status Procedure

The Mobile device user will need to follow a sequence in order to complete an Install, Upgrade or Service call. The sequence below applies to all types of orders.

Log into Mobile FSM. The user Login and Password are the same as the Web FSM Login credentials. If a user cannot remember the password, the only location this can be adjusted is in the Web based FSM.

Important! A mobile device user accessing the Mobile FSM application will need to be registered in FSM by the Viasat FSM administrator. This requires the IMEI number for each mobile device the user wishes to use.

C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\fsm_login_mobile.png

Select the My Orders icon to begin. The icon will display a notification of how many new orders are available for that work day.

C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\Mobile_dashboard1.png

Select the order to work on. The order details information will display to begin status change.

Note: All work orders are automatically assigned when the technician  views work orders in mobile FSM.

C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\Mobile_dashboard 2.png

User selects the Acknowledged icon

C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\FSM Web Media\Acknowledge_icon.png

to accept responisibilty for the work order assigned. FSM will always notify the user with a confirmation pop. The user will need to select yes or no to continue.

C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\Mobile_dashboard 3.png C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\Mobile_dashboard 4.png

Once the user has accepted the work order, the customer needs to be notified and the status must change. User selects the En route icon to begin.

C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\FSM Web Media\En route icon.png

The user will need to confirm the change with a selection of Yes or No to continue.

C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\Mobile_dashboard 5.png C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\Mobile_dashboard 6.png

Once the user arrives at the customer residence. The user will need to change the status in the mobile FSM app. User selects the On site icon to begin working.


The user will need to confirm the change with a selection of Yes or No to continue.

C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\Mobile_dashboard 7.png C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\Mobile_dashboard 8.png

The user will select the pending complete icon to close out th work order in the mobile FSM application. Since there is no action required to complete the work order since this is automatically done when the account is provisioned, the user will need to confirm that the work order does complete after a few minutes.

C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\Mobile_dashboard 11.png C:\Users\jloera\Desktop\FSM Upgrade Project 2013\Mobile_dashboard 10.png

This completes the order status in mobile FSM. One of the differences between the mobile FSM application in comparison to the Web FSM site is that the user is not required to put a note after each status change. This is completed automatically by accepting the change of statuses. It will be up to the partner for each user to enter notes after each work order has status changes.

To return to the Mobile Dashboard, the user will select the Dashboard icon.