Non-Penetrating (Non-Pen) Roof Mount




The only approved location for a non-pen mount is on a flat roof.

Note: The Low Profile “Stub” Mount is approved and recommended for use with the Non-Pen Mount.

Structural Elements


Important considerations

DANGER!  Locate power lines before you start the installation. These include overhead and underground power lines, electric lights, and power circuits.

  • The non-penetrating roof mount is one of the specialized mount types that require additional materials for installation, which may lead to additional time and materials costs for the customer
  • Only use Viasat-approved non-pen mounts listed in the Viasat Approved Materials List job aid

Other Considerations

  • The ground block must be within 20 feet of the NEC approved ground
  • The total cable run from the modem to the TRIA must be less than 150 feet
  • All antennas must be located at least 20 feet from any overhead power lines and 3 feet from any standard power circuit or electric light
  • Position the mount antenna so that the bottom of the reflector is at least 4′ above any walking surface

Mounting Materials for Non-pen Mount

The Technician must provide the following materials:

  • The non-pen mount – listed in the Viasat Approved Materials List job aid
  • A minimum of 8, 28-pound cinder blocks. Use more ballast in windy areas. Follow manufacturer’s instructions if they recommend more ballast
  • A protective rubber mat to place under the mount

Installing a Non-Pen Roof Mount

Cover the flat roof with a rubber mat to protect it from the non-pen.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions for assembling the non-pen and mast tube, and place the mount and mast tube on the rubber mat.

Add ballast, following manufacturer’s instructions, or at minimum, 8 28-pound cinder blocks.

  • Preferred: Low Profile mount
  • Level the mast tube
  • If needed: Straight non-pen mast tube with 4 monopoles that come with the mount
  • Attach the monopoles to the frame of the non-pen mount
  • Level the mast tube
  • If needed: Sloped Roof mount (with monopoles):
  • Attach the monopoles to the frame of the non-pen mount
  • Level the mast tube

Note: Non-pens may have pre-drilled holes in the frame, where you can attach the monopoles to the frame. In some cases, you may need to use a metal drill bit to drill holes in the non-pen mount frame, to accommodate the monopoles.

Once the mast tube is level, perform a quick tug test on the mount to verify that it is stable. Then you are ready to attach the antenna.