Removing Events from Work Orders in FSM Job Aid


Remove Event

If the Dark Green Bar needs to be removed, do this while no technician is assigned. Uncheck the technician check box:

To remove the Dark Green Bar, right click on the Dark Green bar and select on Remove Event:

The Dark Green Bar will now be removed. This will remove the available work time for the technician:

Extend Event

Extend Event can be used a quick shortcut to extend the technicians available work time:

  • Right click on the available work Time (Dark Green Bar)
  • Hover over Extend Event
  • Three options will be displayed: to the left, to the right, to fill the whole day:

Extend Event to the left

This will change the start of the work time to 12:01am:

Extend event to the right

This will change the end of the work time to 11:58pm:

Extend Event to fill the whole day

This will change the start time to 12:01am and the end time to 11:58pm:

Error Selected date is not in loaded range!

This message displays when trying to insert the work order time frame (insert task Light Green Bar) into a date that is currently not being displayed:

The current loaded date range is located at the top of the scheduling screen:

This will only allow the user to insert the work order time frame within this date range.

If the user needs to display a different date range, click on the calendar icon:

The Calendar Icon pop up will appear. This allows the user to enter the desired date range:

Select the Desired to and from date range

Click Load

The new date range entered will now be displayed:

This will now allow the user to insert the work order time frame during the date range displayed.

To return to the work order, click the FSM ID