Tech Bulletin: Important change to QOI requirements


Important change to QOI requirements


In our ongoing efforts to improve system performance and improve overall customer experience, we are updating our cable threshold values for all VS2 systems going forward.

Starting on June 1st, the QOI Equipment (Cable & ODU) threshold will be a maximum of 5 Ohms (a decrease from the current threshold of 10 Ohms). During the provisioning process, if the cable resistance is greater than 5 Ohms, the page will indicate that the Equipment (Cable & ODU) failed and will give the following reasons:

  • Verify all cable is approved cable and installed correctly
  • Verify the total cable length is less than 150’ (45 meters)
  • Verify approved connectors/grounding block are installed correctly

When attempting to close a VS2 service call work order, if the Equipment (Cable & ODU) threshold is equal to or less than 5 Ohms the work order will automatically close without needing to perform additional troubleshooting steps. If it is above 5 Ohms, you will need to continue to troubleshoot and fix the cabling before you can close the work order.

You can review the following job aids to refresh your knowledge of the cabling process and approved materials:

Should you have any questions, please ask your Retailer or Distributor.