Tech Bulletin: Technician survey results


We asked, you answered

Technician survey results

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We recently asked how you prefer to be rewarded for your hard work, your thoughts on the Winners Circle platform, and feedback regarding our current technician apps. Hundreds of you answered our questions across both surveys, and we wanted to express our thanks for your feedback!

Incentive survey findings:

  • Pride in a job well done was the most common answer you provided about your motivation to do your job well. We want to ensure we’re rewarding you for your quality work as we work to improve our rewards programs.

  • It was important for you to see how you are doing on metrics impacting your rewards and how points are earned. We hear you, and have made it a priority to better share this level of data with you as we continue to improve the technician experience.

  • When asked about new reward options, you wanted equipment which you can use directly on Viasat installs to make your job easier. Great news: we worked with our vendors to make this happen! We have recently added a selection of work boots as well as Viasat branded merchandise as reward options. Stay tuned for more info about future product additions.

  • Some of you asked questions about how the rewards program works. Here’s a link to the Winners Circle program FAQs: Please email us at if you have specific questions!

App survey findings:

  • You answered our questions on FSM Mobile, MITe, FSTech Support, and Viasat Tech Tools regarding their effectiveness in helping you in completing Viasat work. You provided feedback on the features you use on those apps, your level of satisfaction with them, and how we can improve them.

  • A big takeaway from your responses was that you want to see an app that serves as a “one-stop shop.” This app would consolidate the best features of each current app into a single, unified, and simple technician experience. This unified technician hub is currently being designed and we will update on its progress in the coming months.

The team at Viasat wants to make it easy for you to complete our work and foster pride in a job well done, all while you’re getting rewarded for your quality work. Thank you again for answering our call on these important survey topics and providing us with valuable feedback. Your experiences will help Viasat improve the technician experience through better tools, processes, and rewards.