Viasat WiFi Gateway Swap Job Aid



This Job Aid covers:

Rules for Swapping a WiFi Gateway

How to Swap a WiFi Gateway

This Job Aid supports the Technician audience when using a Viasat WiFi Gateway.

Rules for Swapping a WiFi Gateway

Before swapping a WiFi Gateway, at least one of these conditions must be met.

  1. Modem does not power on
  2. Modem continually power cycles
    1. Technician must have tried at least two wall power outlets.
  3. At the direction of an authorized Viasat Installer Relations or Tier 1 support agent

Important! Gateways returned for replacement, but in which no problem is found, may subject the retailer/fulfillment partner to chargebacks. Don’t replace equipment needlessly.

How to Swap a WiFi Gateway

After physically replacing the gateway (cabling, power), follow these steps to prepare the gateway for alignment and/or provisioning.

  1. Type in the browser as the URL
  2. On the Modem menu, select Install
  3. Type the modem key from the work order. Click Enter, and then Finish.
  4. The gateway downloads firmware updates, and reboots again.
  5. Complete the Point and Peak (alignment) procedure, or if that is complete, go to the Modem menu, and select Activate to enter the provisioning procedure.