Tech Bulletin: Announcing Commercial Business Migration


Announcing Commercial Business Migration


We’ve got a lot of updates coming your way! We’re migrating our Commercial business to our new system starting in mid-November to bring a huge round of improvements.

Our plans available for Commercial customers will be revamped, upgrading our product offerings across the board. This will include VWG, and SB2+ with ARIA configurations, adding Wi-Fi and Voice capabilities. Also with this update, Static IPs are replacing Persistent IPs soon.

For Commercially certified technicians, a required training update is coming at the end of October to Viasat Discover. Technicians will need to complete the 20-25 minute self-paced training update in order to be able to continue to perform work on Commercial orders.

All of this is leading to a Single ID for each tech for every work order. While we’re in transition, though, keep track of your current IDs! See the upcoming training in Viasat Discover for more information.

You might also see references to Small-Medium Business (SMB) in various systems, this still means Commercial.

We will be sending out follow-up bulletins with more information over the next couple of months, so keep an eye out for them! Self-Installing retailers will receive communications about new SMB sales training to learn about the service plans, add-ons, order entry in the Global Partner Portal, and more.