Tech Bulletin: Phase 2 Commercial Business Migration Complete


Phase 2 Commercial Migration Complete

Phase 2 of our Commercial Business Migration has been executed!

Your Viasat Discover profile will now look a little different. If you are commercially certified you will now only see an ID in the “Single Installer ID” field and it will be marked “Yes” under the Certified for Commercial (see screenshot below). This is the ID you will use for BOTH residential and commercial work orders.

You will now locate the work order in the Viasat Tech Tools (VTT app), use your Single ID, and activate in the VTT app for all Commercial installs, service calls, and upgrades. Moving forward you will ONLY use the Viasat Tech Tools app for service activation – will not support commercial service activations.

Self-Installing retailers should have received separate communications about new SMB sales training to learn about the service plans, add-ons, order entry in the Global Partner Portal, and more.

Have you downloaded the Viasat Tech Tools app?  If not, check out our eGuide page dedicated to all things Viasat Tech Tools. This page will help you download and get started with the app so that you can continue completing Commercial Work Orders.