Activating Residential Modem Upgrades Job Aid


This Job Aid supports all Viasat Technicians.


This Job Aid provides steps for the Technician to follow to activate US residential modem upgrades.

Accessing the portal

Once the new modem is online, open a web browser and navigate to any website.

The activation portal will open. Click Click Here to Continue.

The activation portal will open. Enter in the Customer Code from the work order and click Next Step.

Using the portal

Once the new Installer Portal loads the initial welcome screen will display, this is the starting point of the process. 

To begin, you can choose the portal language:

Select Upgrade from the Installation Type drop down menu:

Click Continue.

Enter the Service activation code from the Work order and your Installer ID.

Click Continue.

The customer details screen appears next.

Confirm with the customer that this information is correct.

Click the confirmation checkbox, and then click continue.

Next, confirm the customer contact details. If this is a US residential upgrade, ignore the WhatsApp field and click Continue.

Confirm the equipment upgrade by checking the box and clicking Continue.


The quality of installation check will run, click continue when it is complete. If you receive a red value, you may need to troubleshoot the failure.

The Service Activation Process will begin, this could take several minutes to complete.

Verify the modem is online- the light should be blue. Viasat service is now activated. Click Let’s Surf to confirm.

If there is a VOIP activation, you will need to…