Tech Bulletin: Earn Viasat Discover Training Badges


Earn Viasat Discover Training Badges


Starting August 1st, you will notice some changes to your Viasat Discover dashboard. Viasat Discover will now be awarding badges for completed trainings. You will be able to view your Last Awarded Badges, your badge progress, and your point collection right on your dashboard:

These badges will be earned for the basic Technician Certification, Business Certification, and other up-training courses. Earning badges can also earn you points in the Winner’s Circle. While points will not be earned for basic certifications, select courses will allow you to earn points for the Winner’s Circle.

To kick off our new training badges, we will be releasing a new Viasat 360 course that will allow you to earn points right away! An upcoming Tech Bulletin will be announcing this course as soon as it is available so, make sure to keep an eye out for the email.