Tech Bulletin: VS1 High-Speed Installation and Upgrade Reminders


VS1 High-Speed Installation and Upgrade Reminders


Viasat has recognized that some important steps are being missed during the set-up process for VS1 High Speed Plan Installations and Upgrades.  The following steps must be taken to ensure maximum performance of the service will be met for the customer. 

  1. Once the SB2+ modem is activated, enable Bridge mode on the modem.
  2. Plug the Aria router into Port 1 (located at the top, closest to the Voice port) of the SB2+ modem.
    Note: The Aria router should be the only ethernet device connected to the SB2+ modem.
  3. IMPORTANT: During the Aria router Wi-Fi setup process, be sure to select “Configure as router,” and NOT “Configure as an extender.”

  4. If the customer is upgrading to a VS1 High Speed plan and already has an SB2+ modem:
    1. Do not swap the modem. Follow the Upgrade flow in the Installer Portal using the Service Activation Code on the work order.
    1. If the customer’s Wi-Fi devices had been set up with the SB2+ modem Wi-Fi:
      1. Set up a new SSID and password on the Aria, and have the customer use that on each of their devices. (Avoids SSID conflicts, but is more work for the customer.)
      1. Set up the exact same SSID and password on the Aria.

  5. Orders created on or after August 16th should be provisioned by the installer—no call will be needed to Installer Relations.

Also, with the launch of our new VS1 High Speed plans, technicians may see an Upgrade work order in FSM where a customer is moving from VS2 to VS1.

While it might seem counterintuitive for a customer to move from a newer satellite to an older one, the new VS1 High Speed plans on the SB2+ modem & Aria router are faster than some VS2 plans on the VWG modem, which is why it is considered an upgrade.

Please follow standard process for the upgrade to ensure our customers’ service works properly and they get the best service possible.

For more information, please see the eGuide: