Locating the Persistent IPs in eSVT Job Aid



This Job Aid covers:

Logging into eSVT

Persistent IP Location

This Job Aid supports the Viasat Commercial Technician audience.

Logging into eSVT

Viasat Commercial account customers may request the Persistent IPs assigned to them. In order to provide these, technicians will need to log into eSVT.

Open a browser and type URL: https://sso.exede.net and press enter.

Sign in using the technician Support Portal credentials and click the Login button. C:\Users\smeyer\Documents\PROJECTS\Housekeeping\Assets\Sign into Viasat.png

Type in the customer’s account number, Phone number, or MAC address to pull up the customer information page. Press enter to proceed.

Persistent IP Location

eSVT will display the customer’s account status. In order to provide the customer the Persistent IPs needed, simply hover over:

  • Home Network
    • SB2 modem
    • Viasat Home Gateway (ViaSat-2)
  • Bridge Mode Enabled
    • SB2+ modem

This will produce a popup screen, which will list all Persistent IPs assigned to the account. Write them down for the customer in a safe place, where they will be able to see them.