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This Job Aid covers the following:

Registration and Login


Satellite Finder

Map & Coordinates

Pointing & Peaking

Service Activation

Modem Status

Report History

Account Settings

This Job Aid supports the technician audience.

Registration and Login

The Viasat TechTools app is compatible with KA-SAT installations.

The Viasat TechTools app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices by clicking the appropriate link below.


Registration and Setup

Step 1

Open the Tech App and press Start.

Step 2

Allow access to the Camera, Location, and Notifications.







Step 3

Setup the Authentication Pin: Enter a 4-digit pin and reenter it when prompted to confirm.


Depending on the device, you may enable biometric authentication, like fingerprint or Face ID.


Step 4

You will now be prompted to choose your login type (Europe).


Then, you will be asked to log in to your account.

If you have technician ID credentials, please use those to log in.


If you have entered an incorrect email or password, you will be prompted to reenter it. If you have forgotten your password or would like to reset your password, you may do so by pressing Forgot your password?


If you have not yet registered, you may press Sign up.

Fill out your information, including your Email, First name, Last name, Mobile phone, and Installer Country. When populated, press Sign Up.


Then, you will need to set up security methods by validating your email.


Next, you will need to set up your password for the account.


Then, you will be prompted to set up an optional security measure by using your phone number for access or recovery.

You will be then signed into TechTools.

Next, you’ll be sent through the Terms and Conditions page. You will need to open and read the End User License Agreement first to enable the checkbox to move on to the next step to accept the Terms and Conditions.




Now back in the app, open the app and enter the pin used to set up the account.


Should the pin not match, a prompt will have you try again. Too many failed attempts will require a reset of the pin code.



When you have logged in, the Dashboard will display. Here, you will find the following quick access features – Satellite Finder, Map & Coordinates, Pointing & Peaking, Modem StatusService Activation, and Report History; as well as account profile and online status.

Satellite Finder

Press Satellite Finder from the Dashboard.

Press the correct satellite and use the mobile camera to locate the satellite. Before entering an area with no service, Satellite Finder will easily let you find the satellite in space. From your position on site, simply follow the prompts.



Map & Coordinates

Press Map & Coordinates from the Dashboard. This will allow you to see the selected satellite’s direction. By entering the customer’s location, you’ll be able to previsualize the site before you arrive.

Press the appropriate satellite.


Your current location will show on the map along with an arrow showing the direction of the satellite.

Press the Locate Me icon or the Edit Pen next to Custom Location.


Now, enter your location by address or by Latitude and Longitude.


Pointing & Peaking

Pre-onsite installation requirements for SURFBEAM 2 (SB2)

SurfBeam 2 (SB2) terminals do not have inherent WiFi connection capabilities. In order for an installation to succeed, a connection between the technician’s third-party router and the terminal must occur (for software updates and related activities). You will connect the terminal to the router through an Ethernet cable and will connect to the router using your mobile device.

Press Pointing & Peaking from the Dashboard.

The app will assess the modem connection.

If the modem is disconnected, press WiFi settings.

Press Ask to Join Networks, then press the Viasat router (in this example, VS00001), and enter the password. The app will then continue to the Pointing & Peaking progress screens.


Sometime after connecting to the WiFi, the operating system will force the login and activation flow using a prompt.

If using iOS, select Use Without Internet.

iOS prompt

If using Android, select Use this network as is.

Android prompt

You will be prompted to press Continue to begin the Pointing & Peaking process.


As you work on the actual Pointing & Peaking of the ODU, the app will guide you through the process.


After Pointing & Peaking, press Finish installation and the app will move on to Modem Lock process.


During Pointing & Peaking, if you experience a disconnection, you’ll receive this pop-up.


Modem Status

The Modem Status will allow you to check any current connection status. Usually, the app will go to this section automatically immediately following Pointing & Peaking.




After the Modem Status changes to Online for the first time, it then will reboot itself to update its necessary updates to function. Following the reboot process, it should come back Online and all indicator icons should be green. Press Done and you’ll return to the app dashboard.

If the connection is offline, it will look like this.

Service Activation

Type in the Service activation code, or the Work Order ID.


If you see this screen, this means the app is connected to the modem, but the modem is not online. If you see this, you will need to Point & Peak and reboot the modem.

It will likely take a few minutes to activate. There is a chance the modem may disconnect during the activation process. If this happens, you’ll need to manually reconnect to the modem on your device.


If an error occurs during activation, you will be prompted to re-enter the Service Activation code or the Work Order ID.

The app will progress through the provisioning process. A green checkmark will appear next to QOI when the system passes its checks. The system will automatically continue to Service Activation. A green checkmark will appear next to Service Activation once the activation is complete. Press Finish to exit.



The app will then automatically move into reporting.

If there are errors in the provisioning process, you may see these screens.


Once the report generates, press Send report.

The email will populate and your email client and press Send.

If you try closing without sending your report, you will be prompted twice before closing out the order.


Regardless if the status is Online or Offline, if you press Done, it will take you back to the app dashboard.


Some Service activation flows may direct to terminal-type update screens and flows, which include the modem reboot process.

Once the terminal type update is successful, it will direct to the provisioning flow.


The system will automatically continue with Service Activation.


A green checkmark will appear next to Service Activation once the activation is complete.

If there’s an error, you’ll see this screen. Press Retry to try again.

Update the MAC address and QOI when the system passes its checks. Press finish.


Press Send report or Done to exit.

Equipment Swap

If you are doing a service that requires an equipment swap, press Service Activation on your dashboard.

Then, enter your Service Activation code or Work Order ID.

Press Swap.

Next, the app will prompt you with swap instructions.

When working with KA-SAT equipment, it will prompt you to select the modem type.

When the equipment swap finishes, the app will automatically proceed to provisioning.

Your app will proceed to these provisioning screens. When finished, it will take you to the Reporting page.


Report History

At any time, you can view your report history.

Here, you will be able to view previous installations, filter your timeline, and manually send reports.


Account Settings


To open Account Settings, press the person icon in the top right of the Dashboard.

Your profile section will look like this.


Press Legal to view the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Press Help to find useful articles on the Viasat eGuide.