Tech Bulletin: Easy Start – Viasat’s customer on-boarding program



Viasat’s customer on-boarding program


Improvements have been made to Viasat’s Customer on-boarding EasyStart program to assist technicians in helping customers start using their new internet service. Remember, EasyStart is part of the installation and is required to be completed every time.

What is EasyStart?

EasyStart is Viasat’s customer on-boarding program that provides customers with a starting point for their new internet service. There are two tools you must use on every job to help complete the EasyStart process and its tasks:

  1. Viasat Technician Checklist
  2. Customer Welcome Guide

There is no cost for EasyStart materials, and your retailer/manager should have both the technician checklist and welcome guide in stock for you to use.

For more information on the tools and the tasks, please see the FAQ.

Be sure to go to Viasat Discover for EasyStart training!

Important Tasks

When going through the Technician Checklist with the customer, remember to assist them with the following:

  1. Create an account at and assist the customer logging into and accessing their account.
  2. Install and login to the My Viasat mobile app on their Android or iOS device.

Why do this?

To put it simply, to increase the value of our services for our customers. It provides them with multiple benefits, including access to their account and information and tools for support – all without them needing to call customer care! To get both the checklist and customer guide, please reach out to your retailer/manager.