TRIA Swap Job Aid



This Job Aid covers:

Troubleshooting TRIA before replacing

Connecting the Replacement TRIA

This Job Aid supports the Technician audience.

Troubleshooting TRIA before replacing

All troubleshooting steps must be complete before swapping a TRIA. Follow the Troubleshooting Job Aid.

Connecting the Replacement TRIA

There is coaxial cable running through the antenna boom arm to the existing TRIA.

Follow the steps below to properly disconnect the existing TRIA and connect the replacement TRIA.

Caution: Coaxial cable emits power. Follow each step in order to ensure safety!

Unplug the modem power supply from the power source

Remove the TRIA bolts

Detach the TRIA from the boom arm

Detach the coaxial cable from the TRIA

C:\Users\smeyer\Documents\PROJECTS\Housekeeping\Assets\Jan 2019 images\Boom_Cable.png

Attach the coaxial cable to the replacement TRIA

C:\Users\smeyer\Documents\PROJECTS\Housekeeping\Assets\Jan 2019 images\pTRIA_Cable_3.png

Attach the replacement TRIA to the boom arm

  • Be certain to record the TRIA’s serial number (needed to complete the FSM work order)

Reinsert TRIA bolts and tighten

C:\Users\smeyer\Documents\PROJECTS\Housekeeping\Assets\Jan 2019 images\pTRIA_BoomArm_2.png

Re-power the modem

Complete the point-and-peak process

Verify modem lock

Follow the RMA process to return equipment and avoid equipment damage