Tech Bulletin: Viasat 360 Contest

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Viasat 360 Solutions: Nationwide Tech Competition


It is time to get in the game everyone and we have just the motivation you need! We are launching a nationwide competition starting December 1, 2020 ending January 31, 2021!

Rules of contest:

We have assigned every technician into one of three groups by measuring their individual attach rates over the last three months.   

  • Attach rate is defined as total sales divided by total opportunities (residential installations, service calls and upgrades.)  This contest allows you to add:
    • EasyCare
    • Voice
    • Viasat Shield Premium
    • Surge protectors
    • Screen cleaner kits
    • Ethernet cables


Whether you are a consistent top performer or have not yet mastered V360, you get a chance to compete against your peer group to demonstrate exactly what you can do! 


We are excited to give away some gift cards after the holiday season! There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each group based on the attach rate.  A total of nine technicians will win BIG!

Group 1
Techs with a 10% attach rate and above  
Group 2
Techs between a 9%-5% attach rate  
Group 3
Techs with a 4% attach rate and below  
1st prize  $1500 GC
2nd prize $1000 GC
3rd prize $500 GC  
1st prize  $1500 GC
2nd prize $1000 GC
3rd prize $500 GC  
1st prize $1000 GC
2nd prize $600 GC
3rd prize 400 GC  

NOTE: If there is a tie, the tie breaker will be the tech that has the highest attach rate on SERVICE CALLS.

Weekly results will be sent out on Fridays.

As a reminder, make sure to opt-in to the TextLine by texting “Viasat” to 833-948-2449.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at with your tech ID and we will help you out.  Good luck!