Tech Bulletin: Work Order Details


Work Order Details


Viasat is continuously making improvements to our network to provide better services for our customers.  New customer offerings are now available on both ViaSat 1 and ViaSat 2, in which a plan that was previously offered on ViaSat 2 can now be offered on ViaSat 1. Our network is now satellite agnostic.

With this change, we want to remind everyone that you must follow the work order details outlined in the work order.

Please remember the following key tasks:

  • Review your work order details at the beginning of the workday.
  • Stock your vehicle with the right equipment as listed on your work order:
    • Modems
    • TRIAs
    • Routers – Required for ViaSat 1 High Speed Plans!
  • Use the Modem/Activation Key assigned to the work order. Do not use any other activation key.
    • If you are using the Viasat Tech Tools app, the modem key will automatically populate during the pointing and peaking process to save you a step.
  • Be aware that beams you have installed in previously could now be assigned to a different satellite and/or beam with our agnostic network.

Be aware that it is possible for a customer to be “upgraded” from ViaSat 2 to ViaSat 1.  This is based on the plan the customer has subscribed to and satellite availability.