EasyStart Welcome Guide


Welcome Guide

You are required to give it to customers at every installation.  

The Welcome Guide provides the customer with all the information they need:

  • How to set up their My Viasat account
  • How to access the home wi-fi network
  • Paying their bill
  • Customer self-service guidance

Give the customer the Welcome Guide and let them know it is a helpful reminder if they forget anything covered in customer onboarding by accessing Viasat’s self-help tools. 

In addition, help customers write down their login credentials for the WiFi and to access their My Viasat account, and show the customer that the My Viasat app helps with basic troubleshooting. 

EasyStart Tips

 Here are some tips to help you complete the EasyStart tasks: 

–      Remember to always leave a copy of the Welcome Guide with the customer on each and every installation.

–      The customer’s billing account number (BAN) is required when logging into their My Viasat account for the first time. This is located on the mobile FSM work order or in the email Viasat sent to the customer confirming internet service was ordered. 

–      The fastest way to download the My Viasat app is to use the QR scan code in the Welcome Guide.