EasyStart is a proven process that creates an exceptional customer experience AND guides you through the required steps necessary to meet our Quality Assurance expectations. EasyStart consists of 4 steps:

  • Introduce – Sets the stage for the customer experience by reassuring them you are there to help and providing an overview of what to expect during your visit
  • Work – This, in partnership with the Quality Installation Standards, ensures that all equipment is installed accurately and a clean work space is left
  • Welcome – One of the more important parts of the customer experience, this step provides the customer with their account information, sets them up on My Viasat, and educates the customer about the My Viasat app
  • Thank You – Before you go, wrap up the installation by reviewing everything that was completed and informing the customer of any follow-up communications

View the short videos below for more details on the different steps of EasyStart.

EasyStart Work Section

EasyStart Welcome Section

My Viasat Agent Guide

EasyStart Checklist

Quality Installation Standards

EasyStart Welcome Guide