Process Escalations



This Desk Reference covers:


This Desk Reference supports the Super Agent working for a distributor, for the benefit of the Authorized Reseller audience. It provides a list of email addresses and teams that resolve various escalations coming from an authorized reseller. It also sets the expectation for when ViaSat will have the escalation resolved.


For all items not listed below, send an email to

Order Entry errors – all types, including order maintenance errors

Send an email to

Include the following:

  • Account number
  • Customer Name
  • Phone number
  • Brief explanation of issue – i.e. explain the error and what is needed

Reseller Termination

Distributor receives request, and then contacts

Reseller / CTI Agent requires password reset for the High Speed Internet Customer Portal

  • Up to 48 hours, excluding weekends

Note: The username/password to this site is the same as the user’s Support Portal credentials. Encourage the user to complete their Profile in the Support Portal to allow future self-resets.

Technician escalation during installation/service call

Customer slow, no, intermittent connection issues

NOC Escalations

  • Severity Alerts
  • Modem goes to Internet without activation
  • Software Download (modem) does not complete after 1 hour
  • eSVT
    • Escalation LED
    • Red Service Plan LED

Phone: 720-493-7300

Phone: 720-493-7400

eLearning Account Escalations

Note: Follow all steps in eGuide – Super Agent Escalation Guide before following this escalation path.

Reseller Billing / Invoice Escalations

Note: The distributor’s support staff must first review the Reseller’s invoice along with their monthly Buy More or Customer Base report to assist in resolution.

This escalation path is only followed if the Reseller’s concern is not resolved after reviewing these reports in conjunction with the invoice.