Tech Bulletin: EasyStart program for commercial customers


Change to commercial installs

EasyStart program for commercial customers

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Viasat has launched an EasyStart Program for commercial installs. This initiative provides a more customized experience for Viasat Business customers ensure they receive critical information to start using their service right away.

Training is available in Viasat Discover.

The EasyStart Program consists of:

  • The Technician Checklist, which is a quick reference for both you and the customers to:

    • Set expectations with the customer.
    • Provide step-by-step guidance during the installation.
    • Ensure both you and the customer have a great experience.


Please make sure to review this checklist before you begin a commercial install, as it is slightly different from the residential install checklist version.

  • The Welcome Guide includes answers to many of the questions commonly asked during the installation appointment and within the first 90 days of the customer’s service. These include:

    • Connecting equipment once the modem is online.
    • How persistent IPs are assigned.
    • Logging in to My Account, the online account management tool, which allows them to view and pay bills, check data usage, and more.
    • Understanding billing and payments.
    • How to get contact Business Care for support.

Please review the Welcome Guide with the customer after you’ve finished installing their service(s).

PLEASE NOTE: The customer satisfaction survey will now include an additional question to the customer, asking them if they have received their Welcome Guide.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact your retailer/manager.