High Speed Internet Customer Portal for WISPs, Resellers, and VARs



This Job Aid covers:

Admin View

Sign In

User Admin Page

Log In As Shortcut

Password Shortcut

Username Shortcut

3xxxxxxxx (Account Number) Shortcut

This Desk Reference supports WISPs, Resellers as they use the Admin view of the High Speed Internet Customer Portal.

Admin View

The purpose of the Admin view of the High Speed Internet Customer Portal is to give a Reseller (or WISP) a tool for assisting their subscriber with their Viasat service. When the Reseller is logged into the Admin view, they are able to

  • Log in as their subscriber, and see the Customer Portal as the subscriber sees it
  • Update usernames, passwords and security questions on behalf of the subscriber
  • Help the subscriber understand their current data usage
  • Purchase additional data allowance with Buy More, with the subscriber’s permission
  • View all account transactions for the subscriber

During installation, the technician assists the subscriber as they create their account. Once it has been created, the subscriber appears in the Admin view, assigned to their Reseller.

Note: Resellers cannot create subscriber accounts. If the account is not created during installation and a subscriber later requests assistance creating their account, follow the steps outlined in Subscriber Training Job Aid for WISP/Reseller Technicians.

Sign In




The Reseller’s Admin view is created by Viasat as part of their on-boarding process. The username and password are sent to the Reseller via email and is the same as the username/password for the Support Portal.

Tip! Log in now to practice while reviewing the rest of this desk reference.

User Admin Page

(Actual site may appear slightly different)

After Sign in, the User Admin dashboard appears.

Search Subscribers

When searching for a subscriber(s), the Reseller may use any of the available fields in this top section, with information provided by the subscriber. We recommend using the Phone Number or Contact Email address, as these will return fewer results.


Account Number: This is the same as the Account Reference on the Quick Flash page of the Support Portal

External Account Reference: This is a number defined by the Reseller, added during Order Entry, and may reference the subscriber in another non-Viasat system.


This section provides a list of the account(s) that meet the requirements given in the Search Subscribers section. From here, the Reseller selects any of the short cut links to carry out the desired action:

  • Log In As: Use shortcut link to see the Customer Portal as the subscriber sees it
  • Password: Use shortcut link to change the subscriber’s account password
  • Username: Use shortcut link to change the subscriber’s account username
  • 3xxxxxxxx (Account Number): Use shortcut link to view all the transactions on a subscriber’s account

Log In As Shortcut

The Log In As shortcut link loads the same dashboard of the Customer Portal that the subscriber sees.

Depending on the package the subscriber has purchased, there are either two or three widgets are available to help the subscriber manage his account. Review these widgets with the subscriber, and ensure they understand how to use the information they provide.

Unlimited Plan Subscribers

There will be two widgets available to unlimited plan subscribers: Current data usage and My Account.

Capped Plan Subscribers

Capped plan subscribers see three widgets: Current Data Usage, BuyMore and My Account

Current Data Usage

This widget shows the subscriber how much of their data plan has been used, and how many days remain in current usage period.

  • 0% to 69% – gauge shows green
  • 70% to 99% – gauge show yellow turning red
  • 100% – gauge shows red
    • When the gauge is red, the subscriber may see their speeds slow down, based on the package they have.


The Buy More widget allows the subscriber to purchase additional data allowance when their usage has exceeded their normal limits.

  • Residential subscribers see choices for +1GB, +2GB, and +3GB.
  • Business subscribers see a +10GB choice.

Note: Pricing is determined by the Reseller.

My Account

This widget allows the subscriber to change the following items on their account:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Security Questions

If they wish to make other changes, they must contact their Reseller.

Password Shortcut

Follow these steps to reset the subscriber’s password. The Reseller must verbally convey the new password to the subscriber, as there is no email notification. We recommend that the subscriber then login with this new generated password and reset it again from their dashboard.

From the Password shortcut link, the Reset Password page appears.

Confirm that this is the correct account by asking the subscriber to validate their email address and phone number or other validation process described by the Reseller.

Click Generate Password.

Note: The user may not define the new password. The only option is for the system to generate it.

Click Reset Password

The confirmation message appears at the top of the page.

Username Shortcut

Follow these steps to change the subscriber’s username.

From the Username shortcut link, the Change Login User Name page appears

Confirm that this is the correct account by asking the subscriber to validate their email address and phone number or other validation process described by the Reseller.

Type a new username into the Enter New Login User Name field.

The subscriber may define this so long as it meets the requirements (minimum 6 characters, maximum 30 characters).

Click Change Login User Name.

The confirmation page appears.

3xxxxxxxx (Account Number) Shortcut

Follow these steps to view all transactions on the subscriber’s account

From the 3xxxxxxxx (Account Number) shortcut link, the Transaction History page appears.

To search the list of transactions, select either the Module or Type drop down.

Note: You may also use the Previous and Next arrows at the bottom of the page to see additional pages of transactions.

Select the appropriate filter, click Search and wait for the page to refresh.

Use the Clear button to show all transactions.