Version:4.6-WB-SNAPSHOT -fsm21 (02/09/2023 09:12)


On 03/15/2023 at 10 PM MT, a new update for FSM will be released. Details below:

Dispatchers can now see the ‘Employee ID’ in the ‘Employee ID’ Column in Browse Orders Export to XLS:

The Employee ID has been exposed to Dispatchers in the Browse Orders Export to XLS downloaded report.

When a work order is assigned to a technician, dispatchers can now see the Employee ID listed in the Employee ID column (AF).

New GenRap Report: Completed Service Call Resolution Codes:

There is a New GenRap Report titled Completed Service Call Resolution Codes.

This report will allow users to search Completed Service Calls by date and will return the resolutions codes used at the time the Service Calls were completed. This report will include completed order types: Service Calls, Performance Follow Ups, QA Follow Ups, Commercial Service Calls, and Commercial Performance Follow Ups.

The Report Parameters:

  • Completion Date From:
  • Completion Date To:
  • 03. Fulfilment Partner: (This parameter is selected by default)

Report Columns:


Fulfillment Partner


Order Type

Order Service Type

Order Status

Create Date

Completion Date

Resolution Codes (If there are multiple resolutions selected, they will be separated by a comma)

Introducing functionality for FSM to fully begin recognizing Viasat-3 equipment:

For Tria 3.0, FSM will only recognize the Serial Number

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